A Church, Farm and Mission For Veterans, First Responders, and Patriots EVERYWHERE!

You are warmly welcome to join us for our Lord’s Day worship service!

Sunday at 7 pm EST at Patriot Crusader Mission, 296 Rockhouse Rd, Johnson City, TN 37601, and online on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Rumble!

Welcome to Patriot Crusader Mission, a Church, Farm, and Mission for Veterans, First Responders, and Patriots.  Our mission is to reach those who have answered the call from Jesus that “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).  Veterans, First Responders and Patriotic Americans who seek to turn America Back to GOD.  individuals  Whether you have walked this out by serving our country in the Military or as a First Responder, are a Conservative Christian parent seeking to raise your family in the true word of God, or are a Patriotic individual desiring to bring our country back to God, we are here to provide you relatable and honest discipling and fellowship.  Please explore this site to learn more about our beliefs and approach to our church ministry, and contact us with any questions.  We welcome you into our family and look forward to locking shields with you as a Warrior for GOD

Why Us?

Are you looking for a BIBLICAL CHURCH Online or in the Tri-Cities area that teaches the whole word of GOD and helps you apply it to today's challenges?

Are you looking for a Brotherhood that will fight for you?

Are you looking for a Christian Community to raise your family in and to help you prepare for the coming storm?

We are Patriot Crusader Mission, a Church, Farm, and Mission For Veterans, First Responders, and Patriots. We are a Church, we are a Farm, and we are a Training Ministry. Think of us as a Church + Noah's Ark +Training. Come and visit us on our 44-acre compound and see what we are building for the Lord.
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As a former SEAL/Cop/Paramedic/Atheist, I can tell you from experience that I know how alone and isolated you can feel after leaving the military. Sadly, too many of our brothers and sisters fail to find another mission to inspire them to greatness. I started Patriot Crusader Mission to minister to our nation’s HEROES. Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firemen, EMS, and Patriotic Americans are where my heart is and these groups will find a Brotherhood and Sanctuary here. Brothers and Sisters of the Thin Green Line, it is time to join a new mission, the largest P.O.W. Rescue Mission in history. It is time to lock shields with a new Brotherhood and watch each others back. It is time to find peace and healing in Jesus Christ, and form unbreakable bonds of Fellowship. Join us in-person in Johnson City, TN or online at our Patriot Crusader Mission YouTube Channel or Facebook for sermons, bible study and small groups. I hope and pray that we can lock shields with you soon and fight the darkness TOGETHER!
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No Service This Thanksgiving Weekend! ...

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Do not wait till you are 50 to figure this out. A grateful and fertile heart is everything! Once you have one, your life will never be the same. May GOD Bless you this Thanksgiving. #jesus #christian #christianwarrior #christianmen #gratitude #patriotcrusadermission #pcm ...

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This girl. She has our heart. We are blessed beyond belief that God entrusted us with this gift and strive every day to raise her in the way that HE would have us. May she always want to dance to “Jesus music”, find joy in serving others, and experience wonder in God’s creation. #homesteading #christianfamily #christiankids #psalm127 #praisegod #homesteadlife #3yearold #Godisgood #homechurch #farmingforjesus ...

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Join us for a special Veterans Day Service tonight at 7pm EST Sunday Night on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and at Patriot Crusader Mission in Johnson City TN ...

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